The Persuasive Message of Imagery

In our last blog we spoke of the “Power of the Written Word”…to craft our words in a way that moves our prospects/clients to a desired action or reaction.Mental_Imagery

Know Your Prospects/Clients

To carry out this feat, we must know our prospects/clients  intimately. We must know what he/she is feeling…what concerns them…what keeps them awake at night, so to speak.

The days of placing an ad and hoping for a response  are over.

We,  are inundated with content and advertising to the point that we no longer hear the messages, much less respond to them.

By identifying our market and  communicate at a very personal level they are able to relate…or respond.

Our words are powerful and persuasive when properly thought out and presented in an enticing way; but  the written word is only one form of persuasive communication.


Another means in which we are able to communicate very effectively  is  the medium of video…or images.  Images,  when crafted by experienced  videographers and graphic designers can reach in and grasp the heart and soul of an audience.

Compelling them to come and be a part of our story.

We experience this emotion in movies, designed to bring us to the desired outcome or response…whether it be the emotion of fear…anger…joy…love or simply a personal or political view.

Without us even knowing what is taking place we’re taken through a series of events that ultimately stimulate  our emotions  and move us to the desired response.

That’s the power of imagery!

Loyalty and Courage!

Here’s a video promotion that speaks to this concept. As you view this short presentation…I want you to consider the different feelings or emotions the videographer/graphic designer is able to bring to the forefront.

We developed this video to  honor our fire fighters…the loyalty and courage displayed while in service to our communities.

Well…watch the video and see how the imagery moves you to the same conclusion.

This video presentation impacts people in different ways. If you have not had any exposure to a fire fighter or his/her way of life, it may not have moved you emotionally.

But, when your audience is the fire fighter community then your response will be totally different.  Thus, identifying your [prospects/client and  intimately communicating with them  is without question of utmost importance.

This is only one example of how you might communicate your message to prospective  or existing clients.

Tell Your Story

When you combine video with persuasive copy to tell your story… the results are over the top. You are confronting your prospect with two very powerful means of communication…the written and visual word.

Think about your situation…personal or business. What message do your need to communicate to your prospects/clients? What is your story? What is it you want your prospects/clients to know about you or your business?

Who are you wanting to communicate with? Do you know them intimately? Do you know what their concerns are…what they are feeling…what keeps them awake at night?

In order to reach your audience, you must know these things and communicate your message directly to them.

Why not consider  Persuasive Copywriting Solutions and Sloan Media Group in identifying and reaching out to your prospects/clients. We can use  persuasive  copy and images to tell your story.

Thus turning your prospects into clients

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Until Next Time!

Barney Atkinson